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Surgicon Systems provides normal commercial trading terms to its Australian and Overseas customers
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Commercial Trading Terms

Surgicon Systems provides appropriate commercial trading terms to its customers.
These are explained on the following pages for:

Australian Customers

Overseas Customers

Standard Terms and Conditions of Trade

1. Proper Law
2. General Warranty
3. Other Warranties
4. Claims, Settlement of Accounts, and Title to Goods

1. Proper Law
By accepting delivery of goods supplied as described in this catalogue ("The Products"), the purchaser expressly agrees with Maitland Investments Pty Ltd ABN 11 008 046 722, trading as Surgicon Systems ("Surgicon") that the proper law governing the contract for the purchase of The Products shall be the laws of the State of South Australia and of the Commonwealth of Australia, and that such laws shall determine all substantive rights and obligations of both parties. The purchaser and Surgicon also expressly agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the appropriate courts under the laws of South Australia and the Commonwealth of Australia in respect of any dispute arising in connection with such contract.

2. General Warranty
Surgicon acknowledges that all conditions and warranties implied by the Trade Practices Act (Cwlth) 1974 as amended, and any other relevant Commonwealth or State legislation and which by law cannot be excluded or modified are included in these Terms and Conditions of Sale, and that the purchaser's rights under such conditions and warranties are not affected by any additional conditions and/or warranties or by any qualifications to the operations of such additional terms.

3. Other Warranties
Except as otherwise expressly stated in this document, Surgicon gives no conditions or warranties whatsoever other than those which: (a) relate solely to The Products, and (b) are identical with the conditions and warranties provided by the manufacturers of those products, or in the case of products not manufactured in Australia, are identical with the conditions and warranties of the importers of those products. Surgicon does not offer to supply any services whatsoever in relation to The Products unless specifically agreed in writing prior to the making of this contract.
Surgicon gives no conditions or warranties whatsoever in relation to any information sought or furnished as to the operation or otherwise of The Products.
Where Surgicon gives any warranty relating to replacement or credit in the event of a faulty product, the purchaser shall only be entitled to be reimbursed by Surgicon the equivalent amount in Australian dollars which the manufacturer or importer pays to Surgicon, under the manufacturer's or importer's warranty as to replacement credit.

4. Claims, Settlement of Accounts and Title to Goods
All claims for shortages or deficiencies in goods supplied by Surgicon shall be notified by the purchaser to Surgicon NO LATER THAN SEVEN (7) DAYS AFTER DATE OF DELIVERY, otherwise Surgicon reserves the right not to recognise such claims.
Apart from any product deficiencies, Surgicon reserves the sole right to accept pre-ordered goods back for credit or refund. A re-stocking fee may be charged by Surgicon if goods are accepted for return. Goods specifically imported against a purchaser's order will not be accepted for return unless a re-stocking fee is paid.
We will not accept Collodion back for refund for any reason, unless the product is faulty and claim is lodged within seven (7) days from delivery.
Any invoice issued by Surgicon to the purchaser for supply of goods or services is done so on condition that settlement will be effected in full at the address of Surgicon (as shown on the invoice) by the "due date", which unless otherwise shown is 21 days after invoice date. At the end of seven calendar days after the due date, Surgicon reserves the right to either demand the return of the goods at the purchaser's expense, or to immediately charge the purchaser an additional 2% of invoice total, (or A$5.00, whichever is the greater amount), as liquidated damages, plus a further 2% per month or part thereof that the invoice remains unpaid after the due date.
Title to goods shall not pass from Surgicon to the purchaser until all invoices for the goods, including any liquidated damages as above, are paid in full to Surgicon.

Surgicon Systems will charge goods and services to the following card accounts

At this stage, our preferred method of handling these transactions is to have you complete an order form which includes your charge card details and fax this to us.

Please refer to our Trading Terms for further information about
Charge Card Facilities



For more information about our Standard Terms & Conditions, please contact us
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