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Surgicon Systems supplies a wide range of popular skin preparations and electrode gels and pastes
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Skin Preparations
-- prepare and protect your patient's skin

Rub lightly into the skin and wipe off excess

5 oz (142 g) bottle
4 oz (114 g) tube

Electrode Gels and Pastes -- skin preparations for ECG and EEG applications reduce skin impedance and ensure correct test results

Surgicon Systems is proud to offer these quality products:

Electro-Gel (for Electro-Cap)
1, 4 or 17 litre jar
Lectron II Conductivity Gel
250 mL tube
Signa Gel
250 g tube
Signa Creme
150 g bottle
Ten20 Conductive EEG Paste
4 oz (114 g) pot or tube or 8 oz (228 g) pot

Gels and pastes should only be used topically on intact skin -- do not use on or near injured skin sites

As gritty as Omniprep

Pleasant citrus tang

Contains aloe vera

pH balanced


For more information about Skin Preps and Electrode Gels, please contact us
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