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Surgicon Systems can supply a range of disk and pad electrodes in different combinations of cup shape and connector type
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Surgicon Systems is proud to offer a range of high quality electroencephlograph electrodes:

Electro-Cap Electrodes
Electro-Cap International is the leading manufacturer of electrode systems which capture superior quality EEG data.

Surgicon Systems is proud to offer a range of quality Electro-Cap products. For more information, go to our Electro-Cap page:


Disk Electrodes
Surgicon Systems
can provide your desired combination of cup shape and connector -- your choice of electrode size, lead style and length, conector type, and electrode material:

  • Pure tin
  • Silver/silver chloride
  • Pure silver
  • Silver-plated
  • Gold-plated
  • Surgical stainless steel

Pad Electrodes

The classic scalp pad or mushroom electrode is still available with plain or padded silver electrode Silver electrode

The classic scalp pad electrode system is still available from SLE

Safety adapters for your existing 2 mm connectors
  • 2 mm to safety
  • safety to 2 mm
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