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Surgicon Systems supplies Collodion in convenient tube dispensers and can also supply an acetone-free Collodion remover
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Collodion adhesive for disk electrodes can be supplied in convenient tube dispensers or in bulk.

The patient's skin must first be prepared with an appropriate Skin Prep product to ensure correct test results.

Surgicon Systems is proud to import and offer these quality Collodion products:

  • Conventional Collodion
    • Standard viscosity
    • High viscosity
  • Ether-free Collodion

Collodion must be shipped and handled as "Hazardous Goods"

Material Safety Data Sheets can be supplied on request -- email Surgicon Systems

The normal means of despatch within Australia is by road as declared "Hazardous Goods"
Transport is therefore more expensive than standard delivery and may take additional time

Shipping to overseas addresses must be by "Hazardous Air Cargo"

Collodion remover -- Mavidon acetone-free Collodion remover is available in 480 mL or 3.7 litre plastic bottles. This product will gently dissolve Collodion without irritating or drying the skin. At room temperature it is essentially non-flammable.
However, despite its relatively friendly nature, if this product is used repeatedly, we recommend the use of protective gloves and adequate ventilation.


Kind to scalps and hands

Acetone-free Collodion remover
For more information about Collodion, please contact us
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