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Terms of Trade
Surgicon Systems provides normal commercial trading terms to its Australian and Overseas customers
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Terms of Trade
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Australian Customers

1. 21 Day Credit Accounts
2. Charge Card Facilities
3. Quotations
4. Terms of Trading and Warranties

1. 21 Day Credit Accounts
Surgicon Systems will, in general, accept orders from registered hospitals, major research institutes and registered medical practitioners, on a 21 day credit basis. We will ask for a written account application from all potential new clients, which contains details of our trading terms. Approval is normally given the day the application is received.

To avoid misunderstanding, we require goods supplied on credit to be paid for in full no later than 21 days after the date on which we despatched and invoiced the goods to you.

We may be regrettably forced to suspend or cancel credit facilities if accounts are persistently paid later than the above.

2. Charge Card Facilities
Surgicon Systems will accept payment for all goods and services by Bankcard, MasterCard or Visa.

We prefer such orders to be in writing, but will accept phone orders for charge card purchases in an emergency, subject to call-back check.

All charge card orders are accepted subject to normal authorisation by the charge card company. We do not impose minimum purchase requirements on our clients but we do encourage clients not to place orders below $50 value on credit.

3. Quotations
We are pleased to provide you with prompt written quotations for any of our goods. For any special requirements or for variations to our normal terms, we will usually automatically provide you with a written quotation confirming terms of offer.

4. Terms of Trading and Warranties

All products and services supplied by Surgicon Systems are subject to our Standard Terms and Conditions of Trade.

In addition to any warranties on our products available to you in law, we offer to repair or replace (at our sole option) any products found faulty at delivery or during normal use; within the warranty time offered by the original manufacturer. These warranties are described in the manufacturers' catalogues. Our warranties do not extend to any products which you have modified, or subjected to unreasonably severe operating conditions.

We further warrant any elective technical repairs we have made to products owned by you, for a period of one month after return of the goods to you.


Surgicon Systems will charge goods and services to the following card accounts


Our preferred method of handling these transactions is to have you complete an order form which includes your charge card details and fax this to us.

Please refer to our Trading Terms for further information about
Charge Card Facilities


For more information about our Standard Terms & Conditions, please contact us
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